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Pregnancy Care Program

Pregnancy Care Program

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Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride, even though a life-changing event brings in so much joy and love. The pregnancy care program is designed to provide a tailor-made approach as per the need & requirements of expecting mothers. Our partnered nutritionists will prepare personalized plans and will guide and support expecting mothers to make the prenatal journey nutritional & healthier.

Why this program is beneficial --
During pregnancy, nutrients play a vital role for the baby & mother. The expecting motherĀ has to witness many changes, be they hormonal or physical changes, and go through common challenges like nausea, leg cramps, back pain, constipation, and heartburn to some complex conditions like diabetes, cholesterol, anemia, or hypertension. Following a balanced & nutritional diet, exercise & physical activity are critical aspects. The program focuses on those critical aspects with personalized diet plans, guidance & support.

How this program is different --Ā 
The pregnancy care program is designed toĀ meet the actual need & requirements of expecting mothers. Nutrients are vital for motherĀ & baby but often it is not considered a daily consumption requirement and Iron, Calcium, or Protein deficiency is found common. The pregnancy care program will focus on critical aspects of nutrition and personalized dietary plans will be prepared post discussing with the expecting mother.Ā 
Nutritionists will share recipes (as per the package) to enhance the nutritional intake and make it impactful.

What this program includes --Ā 
(i) There will be a One-on-one connection with the Nutritionist
(ii) Nutritionists will prepare a tailor-made diet plan as per the trimester requirements (studying medical history/pregnancy challenges)
(iii) Nutritionists will also consider your lifestyle, office schedule, allergies, meal preferences, etc. while preparingĀ diet plans or while recommending any changes to meals & routine.

Post completion of the program--
Once the program ends, we will connect with you for a follow-up to guide you further can help you in the next journey (be it a different trimester phase or post-partum).

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Consultation Call (45min to 1 Hour):
During the call, our expert will help you with your questions and will provide you with guidance. The consultation call will not include personalized diet plans, or recipes and will be mainly for general nutrition and some basic question-answer. For detailed personalized diet plans, in-depth guidance & support, we recommend trying the quarterly any of the below packages.

Program Cost (Excl of GST):
1 Month -- INR 4000
3 Months -- INR 12000
6 Months -- INR 24000
9 Months -- INR 36000


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