Question: Are products made from natural ingredients?

Answer: Yes, all our products are made from natural ingredients. We do not use preservatives or artificial flavours or colours. We do not even use any added sugar, salt, and milk solids in our products.

Question: Is it vegan-friendly?

Answer: Yes, our products are made from plant-based ingredients and perfectly fine for vegans. Drink mix can be consumed in non-dairy/vegan milk.

Question: How do we make our products?

Answer: We align key nutrients and then handpick ingredients that are rich in required key nutrients. And then we develop curated products that are unique and highly nutritional. Our Co-Founder is a Nutritionist who adds value with her expertise.

Question: Is it suitable for adults & elders?

Answer: Our curated products are "suitable for all ages". They have good nutritional values and can easily adapt to a fast-moving life of an adult. Most of our products are versatile in nature so different recipes can be made as per one’s taste and age.

Question: Are these products substitute for Breastfeeding?

Answer: No. They do not substitute breastfeeding. We strongly recommend breastfeeding for the first 6 months. After 6 months breast milk alone is not sufficient to meet the daily nutrition of babies so weaning food can be introduced in conjunction with breast milk. (These products are not the sole source of nourishment for your child. Consult your pediatrician before you introduce new foods to your baby.)

Question: Can leftover food be preserved in the refrigerator?

Answer: No. Consume the food or feed within 30 minutes and destroy leftovers. Do not freeze it. Products can be made ready in 5 minutes so serve fresh to the baby.

Question: What is the best way to store the products?

Answer: Once you open the pack, immediately transfer it into a clean, dry, airtight container. Keep it in a cool dry place or in a refrigerator. Since we do add preservatives, please use them within one month after opening the packet. Keep it safe from sunlight and moisture.

Question: What is the direct customer service helpline?

Answer: Please refer to our Contact Us page. Usually, we try to answer emails within two to three working days. On calls, you will get prompt answers except for holidays.

Question: Do we ship products outside India?

Answer: For you, we can ship to your family member or a friend in India who can then courier to you. Or you can shop from marketplaces like (peachmode.com or clickoncare.com) for cost-effective international delivery.

Question: Do we provide discounts/offers on bulk purchases?

Answer: Yes, we do give discounts for bulk orders. You can send an email to support@nutribudfoods.com with your requirements. If your order is qualified then we will revert with the best offer for you.