About Us

Nutribud Foods is Founded by Parents with Love & Care. We know how important daily nutrients are for little ones & for mothers. And therefore, we craft curated food products for "Little Ones" & for "Mothers" to fight key nutrients deficiencies.

We want to make parenting fun & a wonderful experience leaving aside the burden of searching for natural, healthy & nourishing food products. We handpick our plant-based ingredients & we make sure that the products are free from preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, added sugar or salt & milk solids.

Our Vision:

To become the parent's most loved & trusted brand by developing natural, healthy & nourishing food products for little ones & mothers.

Our Journey:

Parenting is fun and a wonderful experience. However, it is not an easy task when it comes to weaning food for infants & toddlers or if that's about maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy while working full time in an office.

During our parenting journey, we encountered challenges in trusting readily available food. Special purpose food available in the market had preservatives, additives & was high in sugar. We asked our friends & relatives about their parenting journey & they had the same experience. We dug in further and realized the need of natural & healthy food products to solve the problem of every new parent. 

"Seed to Startup" came from a personal experience. And we "bootstrapped Nutribud Foods". We are proud to say that Nutribud Foods is a parent-run startup, for parents.