Product Info - Sprouted Ragi, Almonds & Peanuts Drink Mix (Chocolate) -- Pack of 1, 200g

Nutribud Foods Health Mix is made from the natural & finest ingredients. It is a wonderful blend of Sprouted Ragi, Almonds, Peanuts, and Cocoa. Chocolate drink mix is rich in nutrients & gives a chocolate-nutty taste. Natural, Nutrient-dense & lovable to taste buds makes it is suitable for all ages.

Healthy & Nourishing: The chocolate drink mix is a source of Protein, Dietary Fiber, Iron & Calcium with other vital nutrients.

Lovable To Buds: It is a great combination of millet, nuts & cocoa. It gives a chocolate nutty taste.

No Harmful Ingredients: No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavours or Colours, No Milk Solids/Powder, No Synthetic Vitamins, No Added Chemicals

Ingredients: Sprouted Ragi, Almonds, Cocoa & Peanuts

Allergen Info: Contains Nuts. (Product is processed in a manufacturing unit where wheat & gluten-containing products are processed.)

Preparing Instructions: 

Health Drink: (1) Add 2-3 tsps (~15g to 20g) of Drink mix to 200ml hot/lukewarm milk and mix well without lumps. (add the drink mix powder to adjust as per one's taste), (2) Add natural sugar/jaggery or dates powder for the sweet tooth.

Chocolate Shake: (1) Add 3-4 tsps (15g to 20g) of Drink mix to 200ml Cold milk and mix well without lumps. (2) Add natural sugar or dates powder and blend it in a blender & serve. 

Instant Cake: (1) Add 3-5 tsps Drink Mix with 1/2 cup Oats Powder (or wheat flour/multigrain flour) in a microwave bowl. Add 1/2 cup milk and 2 tsps of natural sugar. (baking soda optional). (2) Mix it well and Microwave it for 1.5 min to 2 min according to the required consistency. (3) Cut in shapes or keep it whole and pour 2-3 tsps honey on top and enjoy.

Storage & Shelf-life: Best before 9 months from the date of manufacturing. Once you open the pack, immediately transfer it into a clean, dry, airtight container (refrigerate it). Keep it safe from direct sunlight & moisture and store it in a cool dry place. Since we do not add preservatives, please use it within one month or the expiry date whichever is earlier after opening the pack.