Sukhdi -- Crumbly Texture Sweet Dish Of Gujarat

Sukhdi is a famous household sweet from Gujarat. It is healthy & nourishing, and it is an easy and quick-to-prepare dish, that makes it a wonderful treat for little ones.

Sukhdi is healthy & nourishing compared to any packaged snack. Sukhdi has a crumbly texture and sweetish taste, which can be the perfect replacement for maida & high-sugar biscuits. 


(i) 1 cup Wheat Flour, (ii) 1 cup Jaggery powder, (iii) 1/2 cup Ghee [Optional: Chopped/Powdered Almonds, Cardamom Powder]

Cooking Method:
1) Take a kadai and put it on a medium flame. Add ghee to it.
2) Add wheat flour to the kadai once the ghee is melted. Reduce the heat and roast the wheat flour. 
3) Stir continuously and roast till wheat flour turns golden brown and gives a nutty fragrance. Avoid wheat flour getting burnt.
4) Keep the kadai on low flame, add jaggery powder to the kadai, and mix well until the jaggery is melted and mixes well with the wheat flour.
5) Optional (on a low flame) -- Once jaggery & wheat flour is mixed well, you can add chopped/powdered almonds and a pinch of cardamom powder as per your taste liking.
6) Switch off the flame. Keep Kadai aside. Now take a large plate and apply ghee on the surface to keep it greased. Transfer the warm mixture to the plate and spread it evenly.
7) Allow it to cool down. Now you can cut the evenly spread sukhdi into square shapes (or shapes your little one liked).
8) You can serve palatable warm sukhdi to little ones or can transfer the cooled down the square shape sukhdi to an airtight container. (You can store it for a couple of days depending on the season)

Sukhdi is a sweet treat that can be enjoyed anytime without any guilt. Give it for snacks instead of maida biscuits, and serve it as dessert after lunch/dinner. You can also give a couple of pieces in a school tiffin box.

A combination of Wheat, Jaggery, and Ghee makes it healthy and nourishing. Try this crumbly texture Sukhdi and share your experience. 

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