Rice Porridge At Home For Little One

Rice porridge is the best first food to start as a weaning food for a 6-month-old baby. White rice is a good source of energy, it also contains carbohydrates, calcium, thiamin (b1) and pantothenic acid (b5), folate (b6). Rice is easy to digest, and it is gluten-free and non-allergic food which makes it a good choice to start before introducing other cereals.

Ingredients: (1) White rice, (2) Ghee, (3) Water

Cooking method:
(1) Wash the rice properly 2-3 times. Soak for half an hour.
(2) In a vessel, add rice and water and put it on a lower flame, and allow it to cook properly.
(3) Once the rice turn soft, add ghee to it. (Ghee homemade and optional)
(4) Take it out, mash and mix well and add little water to make the texture a little watery. 

Alternate cooking method:
(1) Soak rice for 15-20 minutes.
(2) Dry it out for 30 minutes, then roast it in a pan for 5 minutes on low flame.
(3) Grind it in a mixture to make it a powder form.
(4) Store this powder in an air-tight container and keep it in a dry place or a refrigerator.
(5) In a bowl, add rice powder with water and mix it well and serve.


Suitable age: 6+ Months and Above


Note: Consult your pediatrician before introducing a new food.

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