Oats For Little Ones

Oats are a great source of nutrition, particularly protein and dietary fiber. When you plan to introduce oats to a baby's meal, always prefer to choose ones that are easy to digest and do not pose a risk of choking.

Oat formats are different and vary on different factors.

(1) Steel-cut oats are minimally processed and therefore retain more natural nutrients than others. It has a coarser texture and may not be suitable to infants. Since they are nutritionally better than other type of oats, you can use finely grounded powder for a smooth consistency.

(2) Rolled Oats are flattened at the time of processing which gives softer texture. It takes less cook time and they turn smooth in texture after preparing and mashing. That is why it is more suitable for infant porridge.

(3) Instant Oats are pre-cooked and processed ones for instant preparation by reducing cooking time. They are less nutritive compared to other oats as they are processed and pre-cooked. Mostly used in instant oatmeal products. Choose wisely after reading the list of ingredients for little ones.

(4) Gluten-free Oats are suitable for infant who has gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Such oats labelled it as gluten-free on packaging.

(5) Fortified Oats are infant oatmeal cereals that are fortified with artificial vitamins and minerals. Such meal is helpful when a baby lacks nutrients in diet, however, do check the list of ingredients because usually such oatmeal contains preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, additives, sugar or artificial sweeteners and thickeners.

Personally, we recommends using steep-cut oats and powdering them at home. Sieve and use to prepare porridge for better nutrients and smooth consistency. Or as second option go with rolled oats. Start with smaller quantities and gradually increase the quantity to make infant journey smooth with solid foods.

Note - Consult your pediatrician before introducing new food. Follow 3-day rule to know allergies or digestive issues.

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