Nutribud Foods Raw Banana Powder Porridge with Breast Milk

Yes! Raw Banana Powder & Breastmilk porridge is healthy and nutritious and it is easy to digest. It is a simple recipe to introduce in a meal.

Ingredients: Nutribud Foods Raw Banana Powder, Breastmilk

1) Take a small cooking vessel, and add 1-2 tablespoons (15g - 30g) Nutribud Foods Raw Banana Powder.
2) Slowly add freshly pumped breastmilk and mix well without lumps. Adjust consistency as per the requirement & age of the baby.
3) Now cook on a slow flame for 5-8 minutes. Stir consistently to maintain a smooth lumps-free texture.
4) Once you get the porridge consistency, transfer it to a bowl.
5) Serve lukewarm and discard the leftovers.

Note -- For 6 months of baby's first food you can start with 15g and can gradually increase the qty to 30g.

Always follow the 3-day rule to check allergy signs with new food. If the baby shows no signs, then you can start regularly.

Nutribud Foods Raw Banana Powder is versatile to use as baby food. With the growing age, you can replace breastmilk with water and then cow's milk. You can also make instant banana drink, smoothie, pancakes, veg cutlets and it can also be used as a gluten-free flour.


>> Always consult a healthcare professional before introducing new food to your little ones.


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