Winter Oil Massage For Babies

Oil messages to newborn babies are kind of a tradition. But with the change in generations, nuclear families, and degrading awareness of the importance of the baby massage, it's not considered the best to continue for a longer time.

Oil massage during winter is effective and beneficial. It supports a baby's growth and development.

Blood Circulation: Gentle massage with oil is an effective way to improve blood circulation in the body. And better blood circulation means better supply of nutrients and oxygen to body cells.

Muscles and Bones: Gentle massage with oil helps strengthen muscles and joints and is supportive of bone development. Massage time body movements and stretches give strength, flexibility, and relief to the baby's muscles and overall body.

Better Sleep: Gentle massage with the oil helps the baby relax and leads to better sleep. Because of massage babies tend to sleep a little more than normal.

Digestion: Gentle clockwise massage on the abdomen area, movements, and stretches relieve gas and constipation. Diet-related changes could result in digestion sometimes and massage can be helpful to overcome digestion discomfort.

Moisturizing: During winter, baby's skin goes dry and skin irritation chances also increase. Oil massage keeps the skin hydrated and works as a prevention to dry skin.

Bonding with Baby: Massaging a baby is an opportunity to create an emotional bond. Skin-to-skin touch, eye contact, and communication while massaging are essential and help build and strengthen emotional bonding.

Massaging is helpful in various ways for the baby. At the same time, do remember that baby's skin is soft and delicate. What works for another baby may or may not work for yours. Just like a soap or shampoo. Baby oil should be soft on a baby's sensitive skin and it should be completely natural with better retained nutrients.

On day one of massage, you can check for skin rashes or irritation just to make sure if baby's skin does not have any allergies to any specific oil or ingredients. Avoid using oils made with chemicals, and additives or have strong fragrances.

Make sure that you maintain hygiene and prefer warm room temperature (as per baby's skin you can choose to use mild sun warm oil). Be gentle with massage and discontinue if the baby is not comfortable. Baby massage should be for good, but not at the cost of the baby's discomfort.

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