Usage of Diaper During Monsoon

Monsoon season itself creates moisture and humidity in the environment. Using diapers for prolonged hours can increases the chances of infections.

Here are some tips to manage the use of diapers,

>> Switch To Cloth Diapers -- The best thing to do is to switch to cloth diapers during the monsoon. Cloth diapers are more breathable due to better air circulation so the chances of diaper rash reduces. Nowadays disposable diaper liners are also available so they can also be utilized if using normal cloth diapers. It is a wise thing to switch to cloth diapers as they will turn less expensive, eco-friendly, and more comfortable.

>> Breathable & Comfortable Fit Diapers -- Always prefer to use diapers that give good air circulation. Before buying you can check the material and size. Prefer to use diapers that are a little loose and comfortable. It will help in reducing diaper rashes (or skin irritation).

>> Change Diapers Frequently -- Changing diapers timely will help to keep the baby's skin dry and comfortable. Keeping a wet diaper for many hours increases the chances of infections, skin rashes, or irritation. Do check diapers every couple of hours and change it if it is wet.

>> Cleanliness -- Because of humidity and moisture, it is good to use cream or powder as preventive steps for rashes or irritability. Every time you change the diaper, check, and if required then apply cream or powder. Clean the little bump and front area well to keep it dry before changing a diaper.

Babies' skin is sensitive and ignoring some basic care may cause rashes, skin irritation, bacterial infections, or even urinary tract infections because of prolonged use of wet diapers.

Parents should also know that most diapers available in the market contain some form of superabsorbent. Therefore prefer to use a diaper in which the baby is comfortable. If not then change the brand or the best is to switch to cloth diapers.

If you observe skin irritation, rashes or any discomfort then consult your pediatrician for timely advise.  

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