Know How To Introduce Weaning Food

Breastfeeding to weaning food is a transition journey for babies.

Always start with liquid or slurry texture weaning food and gradually shift to semi-solid foods. Know why is it important!

>> For the first 6 months, babies are on breast milk (or formula milk). A complete liquid diet, in simple language their system is comfortable having liquid texture food. In conjunction with breastmilk, when you introduce weaning food bit semi-solid then what would go wrong? A baby may resist, may fall heavy on a tiny stomach, or may get constipation. Because weaning food is also a transition for little ones. Therefore, the first weaning food should be to introduce them with a taste & texture other than breastmilk. So, always start & keep weaning food texture as watery/slurry-like. Allow them to try new tastes and let them adopt new tastes first.

>> By 6 months, they get comfortable with breastmilk. No hassle of swallowing. It may be also the reason little ones resist food wherein they need to chew a bit or swallow. So, once they are comfortable with watery/slurry texture & taste, it is time they can be introduced to the little thicker format of weaning food (eg. porridge/sheer/purees). It will allow them to learn and practice chewing and swallowing. It is also required for their oral motor development.

Watery/slurry weaning food to introduce them to new tastes & textures. And semi-solid texture for their oral motor development and make them learn more about new food formats.

Always know, after 6 months breastmilk may not be sufficient in terms of nutritional requirements. So, introduce weaning food in conjunction with breastmilk.

Weaning food after 6 months should be such that it gives good nutrients from natural food sources. Prefer to go with the common ingredients that are light on the tummy, allergy free, and nutritional. Ingredients should be of a good nutritional profile containing essential micro nutrients and macro nutrients.

Picking the right ingredients, will not just give essential nutrients but it will allow little ones to explore new textures and flavors.

It is required to provide an adequately diversified diet for overall growth & development.

The next phase is baby-led weaning. Here it is when the little one starts to learn to feed themselves using spoons or finger foods. It will be messy but allow them to learn to develop their fine motor skills.

Not all babies are the same, know which food to introduce first and why. Understand your baby's needs and introduce weaning food that can help in their overall growth & development.

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