Investment in a Child's health is equally important

Yes, it is true. Investment in a Child's health is equally important.

No, I am no one to preach to parents about their child's health. But wait, here you need to think twice -- 

(i) Do you know what your child consumes daily, weekly, or monthly? 

(ii) Do you have any answer for your child's immunity? Does your child fall sick often, or have higher chances of falling sick with every change in a season?

(iii) How many nutrients get fulfilled from various food groups? (iv) Is your child nutrient deficient (mild to severe)?

And some more questions to dig deep into to know the good eating habits of your child.

Remember, running after so-called labeled immunity-boosting products is not the answer to your worry. Consuming junk and eating so-called immunity-boosting products won't make any sense.

Investing in a child's health is important for their overall growth & development. Importantly it is for their lifelong health. A strong foundation at an early age stays with them throughout their lives.

It is an open fact that child needs the right amount of nutrition for their physical and cognitive development. No wonder, a healthy child is likely to perform better, when it comes to academic performance or even life skills.

Good eating habits ultimately make children healthier. And how do you decide what is a good eating habit? How many nutrients a child needs and from where to fulfill those? No, the answer is not Google or scrolling reels on Instagram of unqualified professionals.

Ask nutritionists who are qualified to provide guidance. Each child is different, there is no one size fit for all when it comes to nutrients. Opt for personalized nutrition guidance. 

Remember that cost of maintenance is always lesser than the cost of damages. Invest in your child's health.

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