Health Issues & Illnesses During Monsoon Season

A shift in weather and no preventive actions may bring illness to little ones. Monsoon season is one such season.

Here are some of the common health issues/illnesses parents should consider in safeguarding their little ones.

Waterborne Diseases -- Chances of waterborne diseases are higher during monsoon. Kids can catch waterborne illness easily and babies are even more vulnerable. Diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, etc are some common illnesses due to contaminated water consumption.

Common Cold & Flu -- Little ones can catch a cold easily. This leads mind to a high fever with a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, coughing, and sneezing.

Viral Infections -- Influenza viral infections are common and they have similar symptoms to cold. Fever and symptoms could be severe.

Skin Infections -- Mositure in weather and humidity also increases which makes it an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus. Exposure to such bacteria/fungus due to ignored hygiene checks could lead to skin infections like fungal infections, bacterial infections, and dermatitis.

Dengue & Malaria -- Monsoon season is an ideal environment for mosquitoes. Dengue & Malaria are mosquito-borne diseases and untimely treatment can be life-threatening. The most common symptoms of dengue are rashes, high fever, body aches & headache, while malaria is a high fever with chills, headache, body aches, and fatigue.

Leptospirosis -- It is a bacterial infection transmitted via contaminated water or soil. High fever, headache, muscle pain, and vomiting are some symptoms.

Preventive Actions: 
(i) Maintaining a high level of hygiene inside & outside of the house.
(ii) Using clean & boiled drinking water
(iii) Using mosquito nets (repellent/coils/sprays could be the last alternatives as they contain allergic ingredients)
(iv) Using mosquito repellent creams on the body parts of little ones when not at home

Monsoon is the season that elders should also take care of. And when it comes to little ones, extra precautions will be helpful. If little one shows any symptoms of illness, instead of relying on home remedies parents should consult healthcare professionals.

Preventive actions are always better & helpful.

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