Excessive Body Hair On New Born

A baby born with body hair is called a lanugo. It is soft, fine, downy hair on the baby's body.

Body hair on a newborn is completely normal. And there are certain reasons that baby is born with more amount of body hair.

Part of normal fetal development -- Body hair is a natural part of fetal development. In the womb, it helps the baby regulate body temperature and also to protect the skin.

Disappearing body hair -- Usually during the second trimester amount of baby has more body hair and in the third trimester it starts disappearing as they shed it. Premature babies may born with more amount of hair because of this.

Family Genes -- Baby could have more body hair if parents or even grandparents had more body hair at the time of birth. Genes could pass from family to baby.

Since it is normal and it is not concerning potential issues should be considered and observed.

Body temperature -- Body hair helps the baby manage body temperature in the womb. Body hair may potentially interfere with cooling down in a hot environment. Summer could be the season wherein it is to be ensured that the baby's body does not overheat.

Skin Problems -- More body hairs could become the reason for skin irritation or rashes sometimes. Keep baby's skin clean and dry.

Growth & Development -- Any kind of abnormalities is very rare wherein more amount of body hair may be connected. However, certain medical conditions or genetic syndromes are associated with excessive body hair. Parents can ask the pediatrician to rule out any abnormalities based on symptoms.

In most cases, excessive body hairs do not cause any trouble and are naturally shed as the baby grows.

Parents can observe to make sure excessive body hair does not become the reason for skin discomfort and make babies wear breathable clothes.

For any confusion or doubt, consult your pediatrician for the right guidance based on your little one.
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