Baby's Growth and Development Progress In The First 12 Months

Parents are so much curious about their baby’s growth & development. There are some clues your babies will give you along with their growing age and those are the actual checkpoints of progress for parents. 

A lot of development happens in the first 12 months. It is possible that something is delayed and should not be a worrying sign to you. Consult a pediatrician when any doubts arise on the progress.

1st Month: During this time, feeding & sleeping is at most important. Parents should see if their baby takes enough sleep 8 to 12 times feeding in a day. Breastmilk and physical touch at that time is very much important.

2nd Month: During this month, babies start moving their bodies. A little alertness can also be observed. You will be able to hear the sounds that your baby makes.

3rd Month: Baby would have formed a connection with you. They respond with a smile or eye connection and you can enjoy with them as they develop.

4th Month: By this time, your baby would be able to move around. They become better with their eyes. They can feel the touch.

5th Month: During this month, growth and development can be quick. They might be able to sit on their own and try to speak and observe your actions & words. They become a quick learner.

6th Month: At this month, your baby would be able to respond to you well. They would be trying to copy you or follow your actions. 

7th Month: One of the most crucial months. They become ready to eat semi-solid food. Their rapid growth makes them able to sit & move on their own with good control compared to earlier months.

8th Month: During this month, they would be moving around to see new things and make you run. Their ability to grasp new things expands and even try on their own.

9th Month: By this time you can observe them knowing their family and usually has more bonding with their mother. In earlier months you've seen the same but gradually they start developing a strong sense of attachment. 

10th Month: They would have started crawling and they are so active that crawl all around and make you chase them. Learning would be at a pick. They can try to copy you, demand what they see it attractive, and more.

11th Month: They like to move around independently. They have choices like moving out of home in a stroller or car. Their ability to respond and observe is high. By this time, they might have learned a few words and signs.

12th Month: You’d see your baby taking their first steps. They show their feelings very well and can express them to you. 


Inspiration & Source: WebMD
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