Avoid Consuming Over-The-Counter Medicines (OTC) During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is taking care of self and the baby in the womb. So, it is crucial to take caution when it comes to consuming anything which may cause any side effects.

And when it comes to over-the-counter medicines, pregnant women should avoid consuming them without consultation. In fact, during the baby planning phase or to take any pills for abortion should be consulted once.

Medicine is medicine. Even prescription-based medicine could be harmful during pregnancy, either for the mother or the baby. Over-the-counter medicines may contain certain types of drugs/ingredients that may raise safety concerns during pregnancy.

Healthcare professionals prefer to recommend safe medicines in normal situations. Also, they inform you about the dosage and timings post careful consideration of your pregnancy month, weight, complications, etc. Over-the-counter medicines without consultation mean self-decided dosage and timings.

There are chances that pregnant women are on certain medications due to any disease or on supplementation due to deficiencies. OTC medicines contain specific types of ingredients and it may not be good to consume with regular medicines/supplements. Consultation with a healthcare professional can save from any such incidents of cross-interactions among medicines.

Generally, OTC medicines are not been through hard trials and testing. Ingredients used could have side effects on the body. During pregnancy, it could be risky.

During pregnancy, obstetricians and gynecologists should be the first go-to-person for pregnant women while consulting about medications (OTC or Prescription-based medicines). They are specialized and have the experience to guide you and can make informed decisions post-proper examinations. (DO not rely on social media, google, or friends because everyone's body is different).

Pregnant women can always check about possible natural remedies with healthcare professionals to avoid medications. But also, when it is necessary and given by healthcare professionals then it shouldn't be replaced with home remedies.

Pregnancy is not a disease. Pregnant women should enjoy the new phase. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, follow a balanced diet, take rest, and keep yourself hydrated.
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