5 Ways New Moms Can Take Care of Themselves While Feeding the Baby

No matter what you do, you'll never feel fully prepared for being a new mom. The sleepless nights spent feeding and pumping can take a toll on your mental health if you can't find balance. Nutribud Foods invites you to consider these simple ways you can take care of yourself as you care for your new baby.

1. Talk to Someone
Breastfeeding is an emotional journey full of ups and downs. When you pair that with postpartum struggles, you can easily become overwhelmed. Prioritize your mental health by seeking online therapy or go with the Nutribud Foods Postpartum Care Program to seek experts support & guidance. It's a convenient way for you to get help when you need it without having to leave your home.

Parenting Science notes that you can plan sessions around your breastfeeding schedule as well. You'll have a large pool of therapists with specialties to choose from, and overall, it is significantly less expensive. Some therapists even offer quick free consultations to make sure you're the right match.

2. Stay on Top of Postpartum Doctors Appointments
Postpartum doctor visits play a crucial role in ensuring both physical and mental well-being after childbirth. These check-ups allow healthcare professionals to monitor your recovery, address any complications, and provide necessary advice on caring for your newborn. It's important to review your health insurance to ensure you have access to the best possible care during this period. If you feel your current plan doesn't meet your needs, consider buying a one that covers all aspects of postpartum care. 

3. Plan Quality Time With the Rest of the Family
If this isn't your first baby, you have the added stress of trying to work in more time with your other children. Don't overwhelm yourself with thinking you need to plan grand gestures to make up for being so busy. Being present can be as simple as being there for bedtime every night or letting them work with you around the house. As the new baby gets a little older, you can start planning time together outside of the house, even if it's a picnic in the backyard.
Going for walks together around the neighborhood is another good option. Take a look at a walk score map of the area around your home. You’ll be able to quickly pick out a route to walk together that’s enjoyable for everyone.

4. Get Organized
Staying organized can seem like a tedious task for a breastfeeding mom. EveryDay Health explains that keeping your home tidy helps relieve anxiety and has an effect on your overall well-being. Keep a breastfeeding station next to your favorite chair in the living room and by the bed in your bedroom. You'll have easy access to all the products you use on a daily basis without constantly needing to get up. If you feel overwhelmed, ask someone to help you clean or even hire a professional to come once a week.

One practical solution is to involve your older kids in helping keep the house tidy. This not only eases your burden but also teaches them responsibility. A great place to start is their playroom. Encourage them to pick up their toys after they're done playing and return them to their designated spots. Make it a routine and possibly even a fun game. This helps maintain order in the playroom and prevents toys from cluttering other areas of the house.

5. Ask for Help When You Need a Break
Even if it's not your first time, part of being a new mom is learning to cope with non-stop needs. Your new baby will need you all day and all night for months, which can take a toll very quickly. Remember to tell yourself that you need breaks too. Her View from Home explains, whether you just need a quick nap or want some time to yourself to go out, don't be afraid to ask for time for self-care.

All of it is Normal
As you charter this new way of life, remember to be kind to yourself when you have bad days. Let yourself feel sad when you need to and talk about your feelings with your friends and family. Use these tips for walking, getting help around the house, and keeping up with your doctor visit to prioritize taking care of your baby.

Parents are humans, too, and you will find your balance with your new baby soon enough. But don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it.


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