Ragi Balls/Laddos — Healthy Snacking for All

Ragi Balls are really helpful and handy snacks for kids & adults. During non-meal time or outing/travelling you can always carry and give Ragi Balls as a healthy snack to family. Ragi itself is rich in nutrition and when it is clubbed with Almonds, Walnuts and Ghee then it becomes healthier.

Ingredients: Sprouted Ragi (100 gm), Almonds, Walnuts, Ghee and Dates Powder (you can also add little pistachio and cashew along with almonds & walnuts for grown up kids as well as elders)

Cooking Method:

A: Sprouting Ragi -

  1. Rinse the Ragi and soaked overnight. Next day, drain the excess water.
  2. Take the Ragi and spread it evenly on a wet muslin cloth & tie it up.
  3. Use a utensil (perforated bowel or normal one) and put the tied muslin cloth in it. Keep it overnight and let the Ragi sprout. You need more hours if sprouting is not done properly.
  4. Once it is sprouted properly, spread it evenly on a clean & dry muslin cloth. And sundry it.
  5. Now take dry sprouted Ragi in a kadai and roast it for 5 - 7 minutes on a low flame. Allow it to cool down. Then grind it in a mixture to make a fine powder. (use chalni to separate sprouts & unpowered pieces) 
  6. Once your sprouted Ragi powder is ready, transfer it to an airtight container. 

B: Ragi Balls making

  1. First take a pan and put it on a low flame. Add Ghee as per requirements and then add Sprouted Ragi flour.
  2. Fry the flour on a low heat till you get nice fragrances of Ragi. Turn off the flame and allow it to cool down.
  3. Make a Nuts Powder with Almonds, Walnuts & Cardamom. (take almonds and walnuts as per requirement and grind it along with cardamom to get a fine powder)
  4. Take a bowl, add Sprouted Ragi flour and Nuts powder and mix it well with required date powder.
  5. Now take it in a blender and blend it.
  6. Transfer it to a convenient plate or bowl to make Balls. Take the little portion of mixture in your hands and start forming small Balls. If required then add warm melted Ghee for texture & binding. (use ghee in limit only)
  7. Once Balls are ready, make your baby taste it. And transfer the remaining in an airtight container. Consume within a couple of days.
    Ragi is also known as Finger Millet or Nachni. It is Gluten free & highly nutritional food for babies. Ragi is a rich source of Carbs, Calcium, Protein, Fibre, Iron, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Because Ragi has such apt nutrition, it has good health benefits. Calcium benefits for bone & teeth development, Fibre benefits to aids in digestion, Iron benefits to aid in anemia & blood formation. It is suitable for all age groups.

Almonds are a good source of antioxidants. It also contains Fibre, Protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Manganese, Magnesium & phosphorus. It is also good for baby bones and teeth.

Walnuts are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It also has Vitamin E, Folate, Protein, Fibre & Magnesium. Walnuts are energy dense.

Ragi Balls are super healthy snacks. Homemade snacks are great options and surely a better choice over other non-nutritious snacks. Since nuts are allergic so do ensure that your baby has no allergy to nuts and consult your pediatrician before introducing such snacks. Adults can enjoy Ragi Balls as a healthier snacking option when hunger knocks.


Note: Consult your pediatrician if you introduce Ragi Balls to infants/toddler.

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