The Importance of Dads' Involvement in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a shared responsibility, not solely the duty of mothers.

Father's boobs are useless. How can they take active participation in breastfeeding?

Fathers can not breastfeed but they can play a significant role in supporting mothers and babies during breastfeeding. Father's active participation can enhance the breastfeeding experience for mother and baby.

So, how does the father can contribute during breastfeeding?

> Learn about breastfeeding, know the benefits and challenges of breastfeeding. Show solidarity if the mother attends breastfeeding classes.
> Be supportive of mother and baby and help them establish a breastfeeding routine.
> Early days could be challenging so encourage the mother and make your presence to overcome early days of breastfeeding challenges.
> Help new mothers with household chores. 
> Take charge of daily routine tasks such as diaper change, bathing/sponging baby, making baby sleep, or playing with baby.
> Make meals or snacks, tea or coffee for the mother while she is breastfeeding. And if you don't know then at least manage it for the time being following instructions.
> At night, bring the baby to the mother and make things ready for the mother to feed. And soothe the baby back to sleep after feeding.
> Help mother and baby with breastfeeding positioning to ensure both are comfortable.
> Help baby burp after breastfeeding.

That's just about managing the tasks then how can it help mother and baby? Well, research says the active involvement of fathers can help in various ways,

 > Father's emotional and practical support can help mothers boost their confidence to breastfeed. Eventually leads to successful breastfeeding and overcoming psychological challenges.
> Fathers' active involvement in breastfeeding can positively impact the father-baby bonding. And shared journey strengthen the boning between the parents.
> Father's support can help manage the postpartum journey which may otherwise increase the chances of stress, anxiety, baby blues to even depression. Which affects the breastmilk production and overall well-being. 
> Breastfed babies tend to develop better health and overall growth. 

Importantly, active participation can make the father more satisfied with the parenting role.
The father's active role fosters a strong bond as the family and baby get the best possible start in life with the breastfeeding journey.

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