Importance of Sleep, Physical Activities, and Home Remedies

Baby's overall growth and development are not just about nutrients. Proper and timely sleep and physical activities also play a critical role in their growth and development. Following traditionally known home remedies also does wonders for little one's health and immunity building.

1) Sleep:
Sleep is very important for a child’s mental and physical development. Good nutrition will also help your child to get good sleep. Silent activities like soft music, telling stories to your child, and showing different picture books will also help them feel calm and sleepy. It is also important that they feel safe and relaxed in their sleep environment. Try to keep the light dimmed and make sure that the room’s atmosphere should be quiet and it should not be disturbing his/her bedtime mood. Parents are also responsible for their child’s growth, they should spend more time when they are at home, instead of watching T.V. and using mobile phones, and laptops because parent's bonding and presence make the child feel more secure and attached to their parents then they generally have better sleeping pattern and this is important for emotional development of an infant. So sleep is important for the rapid growth of the child.

2) Physical activities
Physical activities are good for baby motor developmentit also helps in improving fine motor development like word grasping, and things holding, supporting the development of strength. Kicking will help with gross motor development. It helps in building muscular strength, encourages confidence, and improves loco motor skills like walking running, and many more. provides some play space for your infant and always makes sure that the area is hygienic. Parents should spend some quality time with their babies in their free time, it will also help to make your bonding close with your little one. Hold your child’s hand, and take them to a park or in an open area to explore different fit moments, it will encourage them, and they will feel safe and entertained. At least parents should spend one hour on their baby’s physical activities, it will help in their overall growth and development.

3) Home Remedies
Home remedies are safe, do not cost a lot, and help your child feel better. It works well and improves immunity also. In such infections as cough and cold, constipation, and congestion, home remedies work better than giving antibiotics to children. Children can be infected by colds and coughs because of weather changes, when they come into direct contact with an infected person then at that time you can try home remedies.
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