How Does Your Baby's EyeSight Develop

First-time parenting is exciting and a wonderful experience. You see your baby grow every day. But let's see how the baby sees the new world :-)

Eyesight development is also a process for a baby. Each month they see new things and no wonder why they feel attracted to something over another.

New Born: In the first month, a baby could see 20cm to 30cm. Can react to lights.

1st Month: Baby doesn't see far but learns to focus if you move any object. Baby can observe contrast colors.

2nd-3rd Month: Baby can identify different colors. Baby can observe/react to books & toys. Yes, playtime starts here.

4th Month: Baby can look a little far now and try to hold things. Like, trying to catch toys or anything they want to hold.

5th-7th Month: Baby observe & identify objects. Even if a toy is half hidden, the baby may recognize it. Baby starts reacting to their special toys or trying to search.

8th-9th Month: Baby's vision is clear and sharper. Baby starts recognizing other objects and people. They can catch things going around them.

12+ Months: Baby will see the way we do.

For healthy eyesight development parents should make sure of two things,
(1) From 6+ months onwards, the baby should be fed natural weaning food only, especially food that is good for eyesight being rich sources of vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Beta-carotene.
(2) No screen time until baby turns 2 years. Limit it to video calls to connect with family sometimes, and keep mobile a little away.

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