Balanced Diet VS. Supplements

For kids, what's the good way to fulfill nutrients? Balanced Diet Or Supplements!

Question to ask ourselves -- Do kids require additional synthetic supplements for overall growth and development? 

A well-balanced diet is sufficient to provide the necessary nutrients that are essential for the kids' growth and development. 

Then what is the importance of supplements if a balanced & diversified diet is sufficient? Why does a healthcare professional recommend supplements for kids? It's because, 

i) When a child is observed/detected with nutrient deficiencies, then supplements are recommended. Some common deficiencies are Iron, Calcium, Vitamin D, etc. (Most of the time it remains unnoticed unless it is severe, eg. 50% of toddlers are anemic in India) — remember, deficiencies are the outcome of poor consumption of nutrients (in the most cases it is poor nutrients, except the genuine reasons).

ii) Children that are not exposed to an adequately diverse diet may fall into restricted diets & restricted nutrients. Being a picky eater, having a vegetarian or vegan diet, or having a lactose allergy (milk is a common source of vital nutrients), etc could also be the reason. (For example, vegetarians lack B12, or children not exposed to sunlight may get vitamin D deficiency) Such conditions may require additional sources of nutrients.

iii) Growth age and a highly active routine (eg. sports) require increased nutrients, and Sickness requires sufficient nutrients for a timely recovery. On such a case-to-case basis (not all would need it) supplements are recommended. Usually, here it is a protein drink with vital vitamins & minerals (fortified).

Nutribud Foods Founders believes that, there is no need to add supplements without any reason. Or to fall after the marketing gimmicks. After all, they are synthetic vitamins only, made in the lab. 

A range of product advertisements, like gummies, chocolates with nutrients, fortified powder, etc. However, those are not the replacement for a balanced diet. And add-ons are not required if a balanced diet is followed.

Important to notice that most kinds of such claimed products with vitamins contain a high amount of refined sugar (or use of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or additives). Again consuming that does not make any sense. 

If a balanced diet is followed, chances are low to hit nutrient deficiencies. Prefer natural ingredients and natural nutrients. If it is not possible to prepare at home, look for better alternatives in the market.


Closure note -- 

Supplements are not harmful (if used wisely). In the case of nutrient deficiencies supplements are the faster way to overcome deficiencies. But using them for replacement of diet is not a wise call. Supplements (or products with vitamins) are not meals or snacks.

Always look for ways to fulfill nutrients from a balanced diet.

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